Engineering & Manufacturing
  • R&D

    As Neptune concentrates on complete solution from manufacturing idea (concept to commissioning) to real commercial production on turnkey based managements with performance guarantee we have to constantly position ourselves in the market in terms of Innovation. So the Research and development activity is a continuous exercise at Neptune as our each solution is unique from the Project perspective, and in doing this we constantly set our benchmark at higher level.

    Providing engineering solutions to various companies, we have experienced that it has become hard to extract the knowledge required to meet customer requirements in mature markets such as those of Japan, Europe, the U.S.A, and Australia. Increasingly, Research and Development activities must go beyond issues of cost or sustainable mark-ups to focus on a variety of product innovation criteria. After practicing various techniques and gaining lots of experience from that we are able to say that we set new benchmarks in terms of R&D to provide desired solutions to our clients.


  • Design

    Design is essential part of any engineering solution. Keeping this in mind we have set up a Design Centre which enables us to provide detailed engineering graphics, which include computerized models of the product. If required we can also provide them with 3d Modelling and also the simulation of the product.

    Currently projects are developed using Autodesk AutoCAD software and Solidworks. However, we have the capability to work with Catia, Pro-E and other Designing programs. By working in 3-D, our designers can insure that what can be designed, can be built.


  • ITR Test [ Ideal Trail Run Test ]

    This is our unique feature of our capabilities where we offer Ideal Trial Run Test off the equipment and plant at our factory before dispatch along with the client to ensure the complete satisfactory solution.


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